Saturday, July 27, 2019

JULY 27, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.

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*"I was very rebellious when I was a young man 

and only survived throughout it all because of my 

Mother's prayers."

*"I've been to the Mennonite Relief Sale with 

mother at the Rockingham Fair Grounds in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia and the Mennonite Relief 

Sale here in Kidron, Ohio."

*"I've met some people who were bottom feeders, 

meaning they were more evil than most."

*"Your aging will not bother you if you live a 

happy and joyous life."

*"The only thing that may be behind your closed 

doors, except for you and loved one is a fly. If 

only that fly could talk."

*"While working in the lawn and flower beds, I 

apply sunscreen about every 3 hours. Are we 

using the safest sunscreen available to us?"

*"We may not like the world we live in, but it's 

all we got and we must make the best of what 

we've got."

*"The morning sun will shine for you if you 

appreciate its' beauty."

*"You know I like coffee, it keeps me productive, 

McDonald's coffee is my favorite, 3 creams please."

*"When I meet someone, I don't look at their color, 

I look at their heart."

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