Monday, July 29, 2019

JULY 29, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"A Monarch Butterfly got caught in my bandanna, 

grab it by both wings together, then released it to 

fly off into the sky. What a wonderful sight."

*"If you're kind and generous, may you be blessed 

with happiness."

*"If you had your choice between 3 crosses, which 

one would you choose?"

*"The destination of a few, not the majority, means 

that the few are not afraid to take the risk of

having a great adventure."

*"Plants need water, sunshine and carbon dioxide 

to survive, we humans need water, food and 

oxygen which the plants produce."

*"One of my favorite flowers is the Morning Glory, 

just like me, it gets up early, I don't hibernate, of 


*""A rolling stone gathers no moss" is an old 

proverb, it could mean that you' re having amazing 

adventures with little time to gather moss along 

the way."

*"I like country music, but I also like rock and roll."

*"Just like my Mother and I use to do each morning 

with breakfast, I eat one half of a banana."

*I've often wondered what's inside the White House, 

President Trump and his family's home in 

Washington, D.C."

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