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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

July 3, 2019 - Conservative Review Update 5


6:20 PM 7/3/2019.

*"Democrats will do anything ... Anything to get 

their team elected."

*"Hey, someone tell Chuck Schumer. Size matters."

3:22 PM 7/3/2019.

*"Matt Kibbe: No satisfaction in socialism."

*"How dare big city mayors put illegal aliens

before American citizens."

1:02 PM 7/3/2019.

*"State Department won't answer Clinton 

Foundation questions."

*"Malkin: Lose of Labor Day."

9:01 AM 7/3/2019.

*"Say goodbye to your legacy, President Obama." 

*"2016's top 5 losers."

7:15 AM 7/3/2019.

*"Rep. Warren Davidson is working to 'Drain the


Malkin: Clinton may have the 2016 election, but 

the media are the losers this year."

*"Final thoughts: Catholics must reject the Pope on 


*"Stop the tape: Why America is about equality, not 


*"Candace Owens Vs Rep. Ted Lieu."

*"Final thoughts: Pushing back against the modern 

Democratic Party."

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