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Thursday, July 4, 2019

JULY 4, 2019 - The Daily Wire Update 5


4:47 PM 7/4/2019.

*"Here's why women are paid less in soccer."

*"Acasio admits she's a radical"

2:02 PM 7/4/2019.

*"Ted Cruz: Why term limits are important."

*"Democrats turn Barr hearing into a circus."

11:17 AM 7/4/2019.

*"Beto's Spanish answer was a disaster."

*"Wrecking: The media's narrative bias."

8:39 AM 7/4/2019.

*"Trump's moving reading of FDR'S D-Day Prayer."

*"Trump's greatest meme tweet ever."

6:28 AM 7/4/2019.

*"Does Nike believe that the American Flag is 


*"The controversy over Thomas Jefferson's Bible."

*"Watch the 2020's Democrats pander on live TV."

*"What was the faith of the Founding Fathers?"

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