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Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4, 2019 - Independence Day


*"2018 National Independence Day Parade 

Washington, DC 7.4.18."

*"Independence Day - July 4 - Story for kids."

*"Disney's Celebrate America! - A Fourth of July 

Concert in the Sky Fireworks Walt Disney World." 

*"Carrie Underwood - All-American Girl."

*"Glenn Beck reads the Declaration of 


*"Trump reveals 4th of July celebration details."

*"A redneck lives out the Declaration of 


*"Military tanks get propped and ready for the 

Independence Day parade."

*"Behind the scenes of America's biggest 4th of July 

celebration. NBC Nightly News."

 *"Fireworks show highlights Independence Day 

celebration at Ft. Benning."

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