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Friday, July 5, 2019

JULY 5, 2019 - Google News Update 5


3:16 PM 7/5/2019.

*""Why do you swear so much." Kids asked Ryan

Reynolds difficult questions."

*"Ocasio-Cortez may have opened the door to 

Trump's taxes."

1:18 PM 7/5/2019.

*"Google News Update - Where is US/UK 


*"Workers are demolishing the church." 

11:19 AM 7/5/2019.

*"How to personalize Google News."

*"The demolished Islamic structure is being 


9:16 AM 7/5/2019.

*"An opening scene from the play 'Gospel.'" 

*"Finding it easier to find car park spaces."

6:08 AM 7/5/2019.

*"Congress was confused by the internet at the 

hearing with Google CEO."

*"President Trump makes Independence Day 

speech and salutes military flyover."

*"The design of the new Ford Puma."

*"Tucker: Google wants to hack 2020 election."

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