Saturday, July 6, 2019

JULY 6, 2019 - CNN Update 5


6:07 PM 7/6/2019.

*"CNN harassed while reporting on Tiananmen 

Square in Beijing."

*"Van Jones to Comic. Why are you still messing

with the Saudis."

3:55 PM 7/6/2019.

*"Who is Pete Buttigieg and why is he having a 

2020 moment?"

*""You are a rude terrible person." Trump attacks 

CNN reporter."

2:14 PM 7/6/2019.

*"Trump and Kim Jong Un shake hands at DMZ."

*"Joe Biden's thin skin may cost him in 2020."

11:42 AM 7/6/2019.

*"CNN absurd 2020 predictions." 

*"Huckabee fires back at CNN analyst calling 

Sarah Sanders a liar."

7:43 AM 7/6/2019.

*"China attempts to thwart CNN's investigation into 

their detention camps." 

*"Trump already has an excuse if he loses in 2020."

*"6.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Los Angeles."

*"Trump to Putin: Don't meddle in the election."

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