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Saturday, July 6, 2019

JULY 6, 2019 - Health News Update 5


6:07 PM 7/6/2019.

*"Health of the Healthcare system."

*"Healthy banana ice cream recipe."

3:55 PM 7/6/2019.

*"How a lighting bolt cured a blind man."

*"DIY natural electrolyte drink recipe."

2:14 PM 7/6/2019.

*"Principles of Homeopathy - Preview."

*"Video shows California earthquake impact in 


11:42 AM 7/6/2019.

*"How dangerous is popping pimples?"

*"How French healthcare compares to the US


7:43 AM 7/6/2019.

*"Mindfulness-based programs to reduce stress in

infertile women."

*"European Health News." 

Metastasis: Understanding the high-grade cancer."

*"5 worst foods to eat late at night."

*"Lack of vitamin D associated with greater risk 

of depression."

*"Study says brain tumors may respond to 


*"This test will detect of you're sleep deprived."

*"Excessive screen time damaging children's 


*"The importance of dietary fats."

*"New blood test to screen for secondary heart 


*"Solid food helps babies seep better study says."

*"How to deal with gut dysfunction."

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