Tuesday, July 9, 2019

JULY 9, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.

*"I didn't grow up during The Great Depression, but 

my parents did and I learned from them how to be 

frugal too."

Our parents who art in Heaven.

*"Your flag stands for the greatness of your country, 

honor and respect it at all times."

*"Heaven is not for the sinful, Heaven is for those 

who are kind and giving here on earth."

*"You men out there may think you're in charge, 

but, in reality, 'Whoever Rocks the Cradle Rules 

the World.'"

*"I purchase Bugs for Birds at Walmart for about 

$10, but I call it Bugs for Me because I sprinkle 

a small handful on my evening meal each night."

*"Will we eventually be replaced by robots? I'm 

76 years old, so probably not for me, but for the 

younger generation, perhaps??"

*"I do not fear humans, but I do fear heights and 

walking alone on the African Savannah."

*"Some of you men out there may believe that you're 

God's gift to women, not me, I believe in equality 

between women and men."

*"One of the fermented drinks I drink for my gut 

and digestive health is Kevita Master Brew 


*"My grandmother kept a diary and her daughter, 

my Mother, kept a diary and I know someone else 

who kept a diary."

*"While working in the lawn I dig up and eat the 

dandelions, root, stem and flower."

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