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Friday, August 16, 2019

AUG 16, 2019 - The Gateway Pundit.


*"Malzberg - Gateway Pundit Hoft to Fox: enough 

of the Trump bashing."

*"More than 250 million consumers may have 

overpaid for their cell phones."

*"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introducing huge bill."

*"Here it is! The Gateway Pundit billboard ad now 

live in Times Square."

*"Kleenex uses tax cuts to lay off 5,000 + workers."

*AOC takes on big pharma in committee hearing." 

*"Mirror: Do you still believe we went to the 

moon? Flat earth man."

*"Alicia Powe - David Harris, Jr.: Democrats are 

running out of race cards."

*"Answering viewer questions on the 2020 


*"Google manually blacklisting conservative 

websites, leaked documents show." 

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