Saturday, August 24, 2019

AUG 24, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"This congresswoman does not back down for 


*"I was a wayward son to my father in my early 

years, but eventually came to know my father as 

the caring person he was."

*"I work a lot in the flower beds and yard and I've 

come to realize that I should have been a farmer."

*"The one difference between a Republican and a 

Democrat is that the RepubliCAN CAN and the 

DEMOcrat DEMOnstrates nothing." I apologize to 

all you Democrats for saying that.

*"If you have a mansion on the hill, it doesn't mean 

that you're happier than those families who live in a 

cabin in the woods."

*"Many people would rather be homeless than to 

endure a troubled family life."

*"An adventure is only as good as the scenes along 

the way."

*"I've known people who were very poor, yet still 

manage to be happy."

*"Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday."

*"99% of the people I've talked to would not eat 

sardines for breakfast like I do."

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