Sunday, August 4, 2019

AUG 4, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"What a wonderful world we live in."

*"Count your blessings if you have the love of your 


*"Do we all have common sense to some degree?"

*"If you keep pace with this clock, you'll get 

nothing done."

*"I like all kinds of people as well as all kinds of 

animals, especially on BBC Africa."

*"Do you like to "shop until you drop?" 

*"I can tolerate and like temperatures of 120 

degrees after 3 days of acclimating myself to the 

heat. Most people I talk to like 75 degrees, I don't 

know why they don't become "snow birds" in

the winter, unless they have to work, of course.

*"The most dangerous thing alive is not a 

animal predatory, but a human predator."

*"Did you ever hear the expression, that someone 

"needs a good ass kicking?"" 

*"What use to be the most powerful predator on 


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