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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

AUG 6, 2019 - MSNBC.Update 2


7:19 AM 8/8/2019.

*"South American country issues travel warning to 

US, Detroit after weekend of mass shootings."

*"Analysis: Pakistan expels Indian ambassador over 

Kashmir move."

10:42 AM 8/7/2019.

*"President Trump speaks at the White House before 

visiting Dayton and El Paso." USA TODAY.

*"Hong Kong protesters condemn police as Beijing 

escalates rhetoric."

*"American Swamp."

*"MSNBC New Promo Laughably Lame."

*"Michael Moore: Trump doesn't understand he's 

been played by General Motors."

*"'Hamilton' star on performing for President 


*"Rachael Maddow sheds over 800,000 viewers 

in 6 months."

*"Pete Buttigieg gets cornered on impeachment."

*"Former MSNBC host on life inside the 

establishment bubble."

*"Alexandria Ocasio Cortez contemplates what's 


*"Series of bankruptcies roils miners."

*"Kamala Whiffs softball question."

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