Tuesday, August 6, 2019

AUG 6, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"This is not my grandpa."

*"I see people who look stressed, probably because 

of a demanding spouse or spoiled children."

*"Sometimes we have time for everything, women 

who are multitaskers and sometimes we don't,

a man who can only do ............. "one thing at a 


*"How you can impress your cute neighbor."

*"Daylight is for happy living, nights are for sweet 


*"If you think you're not free, you're a prisoner in 

your mind."

*"Do you have a near relative that you don't know 


*"You as a parent are successful if can raise your 

children to a proper adulthood through those 

dreaded teenage years."

*"A healthy person prepares and eats a medley 

of fruit, a lazy person eats only applesauce."

*"If you're constipated and spend a lot of time in 

the toilet, sadly, you waste much of your life.

You seriously need to take a high-powered laxative."

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