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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

AUG 7, 2019 - Gateway Pundit.


*"Large crowds gather at a Trump rally in Orlando."

*"Did President Donald Trump donate his $400,000 

salary to rebuild military cemeteries?"

*"One look at the unemployment number will have 

everyone on the 2020 Trump train."

*"Joe di Genova: Barack Obama knew that James 

Comey was going to blackmail the incoming 


*"Alert: Trump makes huge announcement that 

leaves every Democrat speechless." 

*"Trump mocks Antifa at White House Social 

Media Summit."

*"80% of women, ages 19-49, get most of their 

news from Facebook."

*"Newly elected congresswoman ditches American 

Flag at her victory celebration."

*"Kris Kobach gives update on building the border 


*"Alert: Top highlights from Trump's heartfelt 

'Salute to America.'"

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