Tuesday, September 10, 2019

SEP 10, 2019 - Google News. Update 3


10:29 AM 9/13/2019.

*"Third democratic debate: Biden dodges dings at 

Democratic debate."

*"Noura Erakat: Netanyahu’s Proposed West Bank 

Annexation Is Logical End to Israel’s Apartheid 


9:25 AM 9/12/2019.

*"Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to face off in 

third Democratic debate."

*"Consumers, business owners decry flavored 

vaping products ban."

10:01 AM 9/11/2019."

*"President Trump has fired national security adviser 

John Bolton, live stream."

*"Dorian Recovery Efforts Underway As Death 

Toll Rises In Bahamas."  NBC News Now.

*"Typhoon Faxai batters Japan: Power cut, over 100 

flights cancelled."

*"Fallout from Trump's canceled Taliban summit."  

ABC News.

*"Netanyahu claims Iran had secret nuclear 

weapons site."

*"Trump defends blocking Bahamian hurricane 

victims from entering U.S."

*"Margaret Atwood on "The Testaments.""

*"Top 15 Plays of Week 1." NFL 2019 Highlights.

*"Benefits of naps for adults."

*"Google Nest Hub Max review."

*"What Really Killed The Dinosaurs."  BBC Earth.

*"48 U.S. states launch anti-trust investigation 

into Google."

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