Sunday, September 15, 2019

SEP 15, 2019 - Google News. Update 3


8:25 AM 9/17/2019.

*"Israel elections: Voters head to polls again."

*"US says Iran attacked Saudi oil refineries, 

Yemen rebels say they did - so who was it?" ABC 


11:35 AM 9/16/2019.

*"Global oil prices surge after Saudi Arabia drone 


*"Trump: US 'locked and loaded depending on 

verification' of attack on Saudi oil field."

*"U.S. accuses Iran of launching drone strikes 

against Saudi Arabian oil plant."

*"'Glory To Hong Kong’: New Protest Anthem 

Echoes Around Shopping Malls."  NBC News.

*"White House confirms Hamza bin Laden killed 

in US operation."

*"Tropical Storm Humberto expected to become a 

hurricane as winds strengthen."

*"Michael Jackson's family on "Leaving Neverland" 

accusers: "It's all about money.""

Test link 4

*"Clemson Vs Alabama 2019 National 

Championship Highlights."

*"Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer 

Reveal Trailer."

*"At least 35% if adults are obese in nine states."

*"Universe is younger and expanding faster than 

previously thought."

*"FDA finds cancer-causing chemical in heartburn 

medicine Zantac."

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