Tuesday, September 17, 2019

SEP 17, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Do blondes really have more fun?" 

*"At our mother's funeral, I said "thank you mother 

for leaving your footprints on this earth for us to 


*"I just located an old pair of eyeglasses which I 

purchased at Walmart and had the lenses rose 


*"If you're materialistic, you may be going down 

the long road to hell. Give those material 

possessions to those that need them."

*"I like Golden Corral, a large variety of foods 

which always makes me overeat."

*"No matter how many times you mow your lawn, 

there is always someone that has a better lawn than 


Test link 3

*"A tear jerking commercial if you really care 

about someone else." 

*"Who's ass is backwards? What does ass 

backwards stand for? I'm the only one I know 

who's ASS is BACKWARDS. That sure was an 

easy one to figure out."

*"I have a lots of friends because my only friends 

are strangers."

*"There may be some argument between who 

created the universe, the Big Bang or God, but 

I'm positively certain that God used the Big Bang to 

create the universe."

*"Children are only a gift from God if you use the 

appropriate discipline to assure they become 

proper and mature adults."

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