Wednesday, September 25, 2019

SEP 25, 2019 - Google News - Update 3

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3:21 PM 10/15/2019.

*"Turkey seizes key highway in Syria, complicating 

U.S. troop withdrawal."

*"Is the dream of independence for Catalonia over?" 

Inside Story.

11:40 AM 9/27/2019.

*"Trump Calls Biden "Dumb as a Rock" in Closed-

Door Comments."

*"Prince Harry retraces Diana's footsteps through 


8:57 AM 9/26/2019.

*"Trump: ‘I fully support transparency on the so-

called whistleblower information.’"

*"MPs debate climate action | Parliament LIVE."

*"Nancy Pelosi says House will go forward with 

Trump impeachment inquiry."

*"World's Oceans And Mountains Are In Big 

Trouble From Climate Change, UN Report Says."

*"Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduce 

Archie to Desmond Tutu."  5 News.

*"Trump says Ukraine call transcripts to be 


*""Downton Abbey" The Movie."

*"Stephen A.’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: The 

Chiefs rise and the Ravens fall." First Take.

*"The race begins September 25th! Mario Kart 

Tour News, Vol. 1."

*"The Quest to Slow, Stop and Even Reverse 

Aging | Future You." NPR.

*"How to Protect the Earth From Killer Asteroids."

*"Bernie Sanders to join the UAW-GM strike."

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