Tuesday, September 3, 2019

SEP 3, 2019 - Google News. Update 3


6:44 AM 9/6/2019.

*"Boris Johnson tells US no trade deal on NHS and 

'not keen on that chlorinated chicken either.'"

*"Chancellor Merkel expected to talk trade on 

three-day China visit."

6:28 AM 9/5/2019.

*"Deadly Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas as 

storm impacts US." I Nightline.

*"Democrats target farmers amid Trump tariff war 

with China."

5:10 AM 9/4/2019.

*"First Images Of Hurricane Dorian-Ravaged 

Bahamas Shows Devastating Destruction." NBC 

Nightly News.

*"Brexit: Boris Johnson defeated in key no-deal 

Brexit vote."

*"John Bercow: Speaker explodes at Boris Johnson 

for Commons suspension 'outrage.'"

*"Thousands of Hong Kong students boycott first 

day of term."

*"Trump denies US involvement in Iranian launch 

pad explosion."

*"Keith Urban - "Lover" - Taylor Swift Cover - 

Live from the Washington State Fair."

*"Kevin Hart Hurt in Car Crash."

*"Predicting Every Team's 2019 Record."

*"IFA 2019: What To Expect."

*"Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Monthly 

Update: August 1, 2019."

*"The Japanese "1975" diet could hold the key to 


*"Taste test: Burger King's Impossible Whopper vs. 

the original."

From yesterday:

1:00 PM 9/2/2019.

*"US Coast Guard provides an update on deadly 

California boat fire."

*"Live: Tracking Hurricane Dorian."

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