Friday, October 18, 2019

OCT 18, 2019 - Google News. Update 9


6:56 AM 10/28/2019.

*"6 times John Bercow left the House in stitches."

*"California is in a statewide emergency as 2 new 

fires ignite near San Francisco."

5:53 AM 10/27/2019.

*"ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi believed to 

have been killed in a US military raid, sources say."

*"White House begins to assemble a war room as 

impeachment inquiry heats up." ABC News.

5:46 AM 10/26/2019.

*"Boris Johnson Seeks Dec. 12 General Election."

*"Russia military police deploy in north Syria 

under truce deal."

10:03 AM 10/25/2019.

*"Origins of Trump-Russia probe now a criminal 


*"Pence Says China Is Curtailing Rights of 

Protesters in Hong Kong."

8:51 AM 10/23/2019.

*"Democrats slam Trump's comparison of 

impeachment inquiry to a "lynching.""

*"U.S. Troops Are Leaving Syria, Here's What It 

Looks Like."  NYT News.

7:04 AM 10/22/2019.

*"Canadian Networks Call Election for Liberals."

*"What happened this week in Trump's 

impeachment saga?"  BBC News.

6:11 AM 10/21/2019.

*"Prince Harry suggests move to Africa."

*"Hong Kong protests: what's at stake for China?" 

The Economist.

6:32 AM 10/20/2019

*"William And Kate Give First TV News Interview 


*"Rally in Hong Kong calls for international 

support, teenager stabbed in Tai Po."

5:44 AM 10/19/2019.

*"Boris Johnson: Brexit is the biggest thing I've 

done professionally."

*"Erdogan warns Kurds as Syria ceasefire gets off 

to rocky start."

*"Kurd commander accepts ceasefire terms."

*"El Chapo's Son Captured After Fierce Gun 

Battle -- Then Released."

 *"Brexit: Talks between the UK & EU reach crucial 

stage." BBC News.

*"Giuliani, Pence defy Congressional subpoenas." 

ABC News.

*"Dutch family 'waiting for end of time' found 

locked away."

*"Scarlett Johansson Says 'Black Widow' Movie 

Will Provide Closure." (Exclusive).

*"Baby Shark at Washington Nationals games."

*"Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 | 9 Biggest Changes."

*"Students, staff surprise Nativity teacher on her 

way to final chemo session."

*"NASA Introduces New Spacesuits for the Moon 

and Mars."

*"Volvo Cars CEO on XC40 Recharge EV, Hybrid 

Subsidy, China."

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