Saturday, October 19, 2019

OCT 19, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.

Our parents.


*"Our mother, August 4, 1918 - 1st day of spring, 


*"I don't need boots for my new job, but good shoes 

that expand with my feet. I found them at a place I 

don't remember, Adidas at a little over $135."

*"Pa was a term used to indicate someones father 

during the early days of the old west in America."

*"I remember the old days, about 1950, when I 

purchased a loaf of Wonder Bread for my 

grandmother Caricofe at Roth's Grocery Store in 

Dayton, Virginia for 10 cents a loaf."

*"A smile and a greeting of Hi is so simple to do, 

you'll be surprised that most people will reply in 

the same manner."

*"Life is not calculated in years, but in the number 

of people you have helped during your lifetime."

*""The world is a better place because of you," 

meaning also you are just as good as anyone else

in God's eyes."

*"Those of you that are about my age, almost 77, 

I hope you've been as happy as I have been 

during my lifetime. My simple message to all is to 

"never let anyone take you down," and in a crisis, 

"it's up to God.""

*"I've been exposed to wind chills of - 45 degrees 

in Omaha, Nebraska and South Korea and I've 

learned to dress for those conditions. Layers of 

mostly 100% polyester clothing, but no cotton."

*"Don't anyone believe that belly fat is inherited and 

permanent. With proper exercise and nutrition, that 

belly fat will disappear forever.

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