Sunday, October 27, 2019

OCT 27, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"We are part of the animal kingdom, why must we 

slaughter our fellow animals for food?"

*"A law suit means that the law is dressed in a suit."

*"Imperfections in a human does not mean they're 

any less a human than you."

*"Wise humans gather no moss on their way to 


*"Bad relationships between siblings is often 

inevitable to retain ones peace of mind."

*"A map of the world could mean peace between 

all countries if we all thought of it as that way."

*""A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in a Bush" is an 

proverb meaning don't risk your one bird for two 

others. That's not for me of course, I take risks on a 

daily basis."

*"A cup of java (comes from the island of Java) 

means a cup of coffee which I drink when I first 

get up in the morning, but I have much more than 

one cup, of course.

*"Almost nothing is impossible."

*"I have Naloxone (Narcan), paid for by my health 

insurance, just in case I encounter a person who has 

overdosed on heroin."

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