Saturday, November 16, 2019

NOV 16, 2019 - Health News & Headline News.


*"Medical breakthroughs to watch for in 2019." 

*"Health News Updates - Simple 100-calorie swaps - 

cooking light."

*"Kaiser Permanente's Integrated Health Care 


*"Health News Updates - How to properly wash 

dishes by hand - Cooking light."

*"Top 10 ridiculous fad diets."

*"Health benefits of oranges."

*"Vertigo and Dizziness Program effective remedy." 

Blue Heron Health News.

*"Live: Cancer best treatment - How does cancer 

effect your mental health." YOYO TV Health.

*"Researchers find possible cure for the common 

cold." ABC News.

*"How a bachelor party hangover coast a Colorado 

man $12,000."

6:01 AM 11/17/2019.

*"Prince Andrew breaks silence on Jeffrey Epstein, 

letting "royal family down.""

*"Venice sees worst floods in 50 years."

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