Saturday, November 2, 2019

NOV 2, 2019 - Epoch Times.


*"How the Epoch Times became one of Trump's 

biggest supporters." NBC News Now.

*"Why the media predicts economic doom for 

Trump." Larry Elder Show.

*"Growing movement of black conservatives 

supporting Trump." Pastor Mark Burns.

*"Census would be 'meaningless' without citizenship 

question, Trump says."

*"Little known Epoch Times is largest of pro-Trump 

spender on Facebook." All in - MSNBC.

*"This is why age is just a number." Jack Doherty.

*"Ocasio Cortez accused of funneling almost $1 

million by FEC complaint."

*"Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show 

'total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.'"

*"Why America's reliance on imported uranium 

poses a risk." Rep. Paul Gosar.

*"President Trump has China over a barrel."

*"My new business cards."

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