Tuesday, November 26, 2019

NOV 26, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes & Headline News.


*"I know a drummer who works at Walmart."

*"I have a GoPro Hero White 7 Camera. GOPRO 

stands for we need to GO with our camera to 

become a PROfessional."

*"Intake of fiber and fluids means you'll be 

pooping soon."

*"Some people peel, slice and eat apples, lazy 

people eat applesauce."

*"Christ's name is in Christmas, yes it's Christmas, 

not Happy Holidays."

*"Rape is as bad as murder, the ones murdered are 

dead and their loved ones are grieving forever

and the rape victim is living with this atrocity that 

was done to them forever and forever."

*"Good intentions are not worth a durn if you don't 

intend to carry them out, it's like lying to yourself."

*I've been standing or walking all my life, it's 

much like standing up for something that you 

believe in."

*"Anger Linked to Heart Attacks: Emotion's Effect 

on Heart Health."

*"8 Ways to Kill Weeds Naturally."

6:27 AM 11/28/2019.

*"Trump Signs Hong Kong Bill Backing Protesters, 

Defying China."

*"Fears over 5G: Merkel sounds warnings over 

Huawei spying claims."

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