Monday, February 17, 2020

FEB 17, 2020 - Google News. Update 3


6:21 AM 2/23/2020.

*"Fears of coronavirus pandemic growing as cases 

rise in South Korea."

*"Germany shooting: Suspect posted videos online 

days before the attacks."  BBC News.

7:12 AM 2/21/2020.

*"Coronavirus has spread to nearly 30 countries."

*"Everything You Need To Know About Iran's 

Parliamentary Elections."

8:36 AM 2/18/2020.

*"China records nearly 93 new deaths in Hubei | 

1868 killed."  WION News | World News.

*"These people are begging the world to listen 

to their plight."

*"Coronavirus-quarantined cruise passengers battle 

illness, boredom."

*"Iran threatens to ‘raze Tel Aviv.’"  ILTV Israel 

news - Feb. 11, 2020.

*"Pompeo in Senegal: Africa caught in US-China 

trade war."

*"WATCH: Trump praises Venezuela’s Juan 

Guaidó at the State of the Union | 2020 State of 

the Union."

*"Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Fire London 

Staff, Visit Stanford University."  TODAY. 

*"Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra: Bigger, better, 

but expensive."

*"#TacoBellSkills Challenge | 2020 NBA All-Star | 

Full Highlights."

*"Coronavirus Outbreak: Video of people escaping 

quarantine goes viral." WION CGTN Partnership.

*"NG-13: Antares 230+ launches S.S. Robert H. 

Lawrence Cygnus."

*"Wall St hits record highs as virus fears ease."

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