Monday, February 24, 2020

FEB 24, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"I enjoy the heat of the southwestern United 

States, especially Las Vegas, not the cold of 

Northeastern Ohio in the winter."

*"The age of us humans can be determined by how 

many times we are plagued by constipation each 


*"A love affair is a true love affair, if both partners 

and their children are loving and equal in every 


*"To pee or not to pee, that is the question, not 

William Shakespeare, but Forrest Caricofe."

*"The only difference between a dirty butt and a 

clean butt, is a hand to wipe and a roll of clean 

toilet paper."

*"Some say President Donald J. Trump will be 

remembered as one of the greatest presidents in 

modern times. What's your opinion?

*"A email to someone is inferior to a handwritten 

letter in the mail to someone you care about."

*"Happiness can be defined as a wealth of 

experiences, not the collection of material 


*"Do you live too much in the past, forgetting about 

the present and the future?"

*"One cannot remain sane without friends and/or 

friendly people or a dog for your companion."

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