Wednesday, February 26, 2020

FEB 26, 2020 - My Opinions & Thoughts.


It looks as though I'm always changing things, I now 

publish one or more pages on a variety of subjects 

on Saturdays and Mondays, In my Opinion on 

Wednesday, some of my own videos throughout the 

week and produce my own videos on YouTube. You 

can just Google Forrest Caricofe.


*I hope you and your family are well in your part 

of our world, I'm, of course, doing quite well, thank 


I enjoy giving my opinion, but that doesn't mean 

I'm always correct in what I'm saying. If you 

disagree or agree or have a different opinion 

contact me by email at

*This past week has been wonderful for me, just 

like every other week in my life. A few 

frustrations, perhaps, but I don't let anything worry 

me. I just say, it's up to God.

Credit: marketingland,com.

*I've not produced any YouTube videos this past 

week, but I will and carry on with my usual 

positive attitude. It's much a matter of being 

creative, limiting the video to about 5 minutes and 

writing the appropriate title and description. I use a 

GoPro Hero White 7 for my videos and Handbrake  

(it's free) as my encoder before uploading the video 

to YouTube.


*My feelings go out to those people of Venezuela, 

but they can leave, some go to Brazil, Columbia 

and other countries in South America. Venezuela 

is a far cry from North Korea. I hope at some time 

that the United States and its' allies will step in to 

assist Juan Guaidó as its' leader.


*Speaking of North Korea, the best solution to this 

extreme dictatorship would be the assassination of 

Kim Jong-un (leader since 2011) by one of his own 

citizens. A ground and air assault by the U.S. and 

its' allies would cause far too many deaths and 

China and Iran and others may put troops on 

the ground and use air power in the defense of 

North Korea.


*As to the upcoming 2020 presidential election, 

President Trump, I believe, would win in a 

landslide if independent Bernie Sanders was the 

Democratic nominee. He is a self proclaimed 

socialist and I'm sure a vast majority of Americans 

would not want to live in socialistic society.

"A Socialist country is an oxymoron, often 

considered a country where the government or the 

public as a whole has control over the economy. 

In a "socialist country," the producing and 

dispersing of goods is owned by the government."

The above definition does not apply totally to Bernie 

Sanders, but Wall Street, the wealthy and upper 

middle class would be extremely against the 

government or public as a whole taking over the 



*Have you had the opportunity to watch on TV, the 

series, 'Washington?' He had a chose to be 

president or king, just like in the mother country, 

the British,  he chose to be president of a free and 

new nation. 

Where would we Americans be today if he had 

chosen to be king?

Until next time and thanks for reading.

Forrest Caricofe 

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