Thursday, February 27, 2020

FEB 27, 2020 - Turner Ashby High School. YouTube.

General Turner Ashby.



I've been trying all my life to level the playing field 

so to speak. I know it's impossible like the 

Impossible Whooper at Burger King that I like, but 

I'll just keep on trying. Did your mother or father 

ever read to you the children's book, The Little 

Engine That Could? My advise is to never give 


I graduated from Turner Ashby High School in 

1961, attended Shenandoah College in Winchester, 

Virginia for one year and then after a 18 month 

stint in Army, I attended Briidgewater College in 

Bridgewater, Virginia graduating in 1968 with a 

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and a minor in 


Besides producing YouTube videos, I publish one 

page on Monday, one page on Saturday, both on a 

variety of subjects and one page on Wednesday 

entitled In my Opinion, go to: or just Google Forrest 


I'm 77 years old and live in Smithville, Ohio and 

I've been friendly since birth. I'm in excellent 

health compared to others of my age because I 

stand or walk instead of sitting and eat and drink a 

variety of good foods and drinks as can be seen on 

my YouTube videos.

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