Sunday, March 29, 2020

JUNE 18, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Annie was a popular name in the past as it is 


*"I enjoy all kinds of music, but being born in the 

south (Harrisonburg, Virginia in the 

Shenandoah Valley), I like country music best."

*"You work your butt off all your life and at the end, 

the government takes much of it from you."

*"In the old days they said "a penny saved is a 

penny earned," but today a $5 bill saved is a $5 

bill earned."

*"It's sometimes a long or short road to the end of 

your life, depending on the genes from your 


*"To fart in an aisle of a grocery store is downright 

rude, move to the next aisle and fart."

*"1:08 PM 3/27/2020. Congress means getting 

together (over the coronavirus), that hasn't 

happened since the signing of the Declaration of 


*"The word pussy can be used to call a cat or 

something else."

*"I didn't live through The Great Depression, but 

my parents did (both born in 1918), teaching to 

me the value of a dollar."

*"Walking backwards is an art, however, that means 

you can smell your own farts."

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