Sunday, March 1, 2020

MAR 1, 2020 - KFC In Wooster, Ohio - YouTube.


I go to KFC every Sunday to get chicken and

my intentions this Sunday was to have one

of the employees do a KFC commercial, but

they were a little camera shy today.

They don't do grilled chicken at this location

anymore, so I order 4 original thighs, 2 original

legs and 2 extra crispy wings with coleslaw,

green beans, mashed potatoes & gravy. I

leave a $1 tip & a few of my business cards to

the cashier and to the one who hands to me

the white plastic bag of chicken and sides.

"It's finger licking good."

KFC stands for i'm Kind of related to Forrest

Caricofe. Caricofe is pronounced Kara cough. Besides producing YouTube videos, I publish

one page on Monday, one page on Saturday,

both on a variety of subjects and one page on

Wednesday entitled In my Opinion, go to: or just Google Forrest


I'm 77 years old and live in Smithville, Ohio and

I've been friendly since birth. I'm in excellent

health compared to others of my age because

I stand or walk instead of sitting and eat and

drink a variety of good foods and drinks as can

be seen on my YouTube videos.

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