Monday, March 16, 2020

MAR 16, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"A sign saying "No Pets Allowed" frustrates me. 

Are they part of our family or not?"

*"You may thank your doctors and nurses, but 

thanking housekeeping and others are often 


*"You may not think your vote is important, but I 

know some elections that were decided by a flip of 



*"Where would we be today without the invention 

of the wheel?"

*"I take a small sip of Holistic Hound Hemp and 

Mushroom Oil every other day for numerous 

health benefits, made exclusively for dogs and cats."

*"It looks like to me that your brain would get 

more exercise if it where in your feet instead of 

your head."

*"Mountain Dew Mouth is a term that is used for 

those who drink Mountain Dew and have rotten 

teeth in Appalachia and other places in the world."

*"A belly laugh is more healthy than a simple smile."

*"Besides all the other benefits of 100% polyester 

clothing is that you don't have to fold them."

*"Now think about this considering your present 

behavior, there are 2 doors, one door to  hell and 

one door to Heaven. Which door will you be going 


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