Monday, March 2, 2020

MAR 2, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.

Our father and mother who art in Heaven.


*"One of the greatest man I ever knew was my 

father, I hope your father was as great as mine."

*"Some of you may have watched me eating 

sardines for breakfast on my YouTube channel, 

but I also eat canned salmon for breakfast too."

*"We must always tell the truth or suffer the 

consequences if we lie."

*"There is little difference between the darkness 

of the night and the light of the day unless you're

afraid of the darkness of the night."

*"Consider yourself fortunate if you live in a 

country that is free, my heart and soul go out to 

those who do not live in a country that is free."

*"Do not judge someone by their appearance, but 

by the goodness of their heart."

*"I'm 50% Germanic Europe, 3% Irish, some 

Arabian Peninsula (which includes Spain, Portugal 

and Gibraltar) and 2% Africa, so why can we not 

have peace in the world, we all have some of the 

same ancestors and are descended from Adam and 


*"Blessed are those who care so much about others."

*"Can we increase our brain power because of 

supplements we take?"

*"Unnatural behavior on our part, may cause us 

to be without friends."

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