Monday, March 9, 2020

MAR 9, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"A toy at any time of the year would be an 

awesome gift for a child."

*"A world free of hate and anger is a wonderful 

world of peace and love."

*"It's not womankind or mankind, it's peoplekind."

*"Some of your bridges to your past are better

burned to the ground than to dwell on those 

standing bridges to your past forever."

*"Grieving for a lost loved one should not be a 

lifetime event, grieve for a short while, but always

remember them in your heart."

*"Google knows almost everything about us. 

GOOGLE stands for Going Over to Observe the 

Greatness of Large Elderberry trees."

*"Don't worry if you're poor and distressed, with 

a positive attitude, courage, hard work and a 

little luck, you could become a millionaire."

*"To those people of the world who seek food 

from the garbage of others, let's give so that they

will not have to sift through the garbage to find 

the thrown away food of others."

*"It is so sad that in this day and time, there is 

still so much difference in the races and cultures 

of the world."

*"Blessed are those that are sick and sometimes 

without hope."

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