Thursday, April 23, 2020

APR 23, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"I now eat Dave's Killer Bread rather than 100% 

whole wheat bread."

*"He's no Judge Judy."

*"Do we all worship the same God, but differently 

because of our culture?"

*"What if the sun decided to take a break and not 

shine for a year?"

*"One of my favorite insects is the lonely fly. And 

you know that's a lie, pesky little creature."

*"RFC stands for many things (Remote Function 

Call, Requests For Comment, Rugby Football Club 

and many others) and one is my full given name, 

Randolph Forrest Caricofe, I'm a Jr., so I go by 


*"A house is not a home without love and 


*"I'm right-handed and after all these years, I've 

suddenly found out that I can wipe my butt

much better with my left hand than my right."

*"At my age of 77 years, I'm going to pee more 

often and dribble pee afterwards."

*"Laws made because of the actions of just a few 

people are made to be broken."

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