Thursday, April 30, 2020

APR 30, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"7:29 PM 3/7/2020. Last night I watched Seven 

Worlds, One Planet with David Attenborough."


*"I know some people who are related to the butt 

end of a jackass, they will remain nameless, of


*"I've had many adventures, usually alone, all 

adding to the education in my life."

*"A gift from God is a child, a miracle here on 


*"A quote is only as good as the reader thinks it is."

*"If a tree falls in a forest with no one around, can 

anyone hear it, sure, God hears it fall."

*"The further we go back to our ancestral history, 

the closer we are related to one another."

*"In today's world, often those that possess skills in 

electricity, welding, bricklaying, etc. make more 

money than those with a college degree or more."

*"I have excellent senses for my age of 77 years 

because of my recent eye surgery, removal of

cataracts, implanting of lens and stints, the stints 

keep the pressure down in my eyes because I 

have glaucoma."

*"A smile from a friend will bring joy to your heart." 

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