Monday, April 6, 2020

APR 6, 2020 -My Comments/Quotes.


*"My favorite programs on TV are 'Law and Order,' 

'National Geographic' and 'BBC Earth.'" 

*"The most evil people deserve the worst of prisons."

*"Cell phones of today vs the switchboard and 

party lines of the past."

*"An old photograph will bring back memories of 

your past."

*"A piece of meat, bread and some water may be 

the difference between life and death by starvation."

*"Whistling is rarity from the past."

*"A fart should be a private affair, the sound and 

smell hidden from others."

*"I'll be traveling soon to the Seneca Indian 

Reservation in Irving, New York for cartons of 

Seneca Cigarettes (about $23 a carton) because I'm 

almost down to my last cigarette."

*"About 40% of food, worth about $165 billion, is 

thrown away each year in America. Why must this 

happen, when there are so many starving people in 

our world?" 

*"Peeing and pooping are natural for us, if we 

didn't poop and/or pee we would have to make an

appointment with our primary care physician before 

it's too late."

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