Monday, July 27, 2020

JULY 27, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Can someone live on water and dumpster diving?"

*"I watch Fox News. FOX stands for there is a Fox 

in the hen house that the farmer is chasing Over 

near the farmhouse, where the farmer fell down, 

broke his arm and now needs an X-ray."

*"The best answer to a yes or no question is yes or 

no, no maybe's allowed."

*"If all of us would act with the innocence of a 

small child, what a wonderful world this would be."

*"Being a Baptist, I believe in vengeance here 

on earth as well as in Heaven."

*"Without family or friends you may go your own 


*"It's almost always a daddy's girl and a mommy's 


*"If you die during the night, you will have had 

your own Last Supper."

*"Pooping and peeing is necessary for health. 

What does your pee look like?"

*"Life's hardships can be overcome by having a 

bright outlook and a positive attitude."

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