Tuesday, May 4, 2021

MAY 4, 2021 Comments/Quotes.


*"Face-to-cell phone is the modern trend, how I 

yearn for the phones of the past."

*"If we stay in the toilet for about an hour a day, eat 

for about 3 hours and sleep for about 3 hours, that 

leaves us with 17 hours, unless we have diarrhea, 

then we may have very little of the day left to do 

other things that we'd like to do."

*"A ruler is used to measure many things, including 

how far you're stomach is sticking out from the rest 

of your body."

*"A text from a friend is nice, but a hand written 

letter in the mail would be twice as nice."

*"A surprise baby is a threat to people who don't 

like children."

*"There are about 16,581,375 colors in our world, 

my favorite color is blue."

*"If I where on death row and had my choice of 

death, I'd would prefer a hanging."

*"The mainstream media causes dissension, what is 

their purpose in publishing fake news?"

*"An adventure is not the destination, but the stops 

along the way."

*"Does Febreze clean the smell or does it just mask 

the smell?"

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