Saturday, December 26, 2020

DEC 26, 2020 - Comments/Quotes.


*"Is a mountain to look at or climb, depends on 

whether you're afraid of heights or not."

*"Please don't feel guilty in raising your children, 

you'll just have to do the very best that you can."

*"Some lawyers are just like a Roadrunner 

(chaparral birds), moving fast to catch up with the 


*"If you are old and alone, your just like me, and 

you know, I don't mind it a bit."

*"There is nothing like a good storyteller."

*"I got Narcan Nasal Spray at my Rite Aid 

pharmacy paid for by health insurance in case I 

come across someone who has overdosed on 


*"May God bless our disabled children."

*"Don't stop believing in God just because you 

have a few bad days every once in a while."

*"To those of you who have sisters."

*"Fake flowers are for those who are to lazy to 

plant and maintain real flowers."

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