Sunday, May 17, 2020

My Comments/Quotes.


*"America is one of the richest countries in the world, why can't 

we have train travel like that of Japan and others?"

*"A challenge to some is a problem to others."

*"We who do good are a balance to those who do evil."

*"To fart is a phenomenon that's only to be kept to yourself, 

go to a private place and fart."

*"Your age is determined by what you think of yourself."

*"Your health is dependent upon you peeing and pooping on a 

regular basis."

*"When my mother was at the end of our life, we used hospice 

care called SouthernCare (Harrisonburg, Virginia), I called them 

Southern Comfort, a whiskey sold in state run stores in Virginia."

*"I've found the best plants and flowers at RKO (Rural King of 

Ohio) which has stores in other states in America."

*"They don't normally construct statues of a fool." 

*"How many lives have you lived?"

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