Friday, June 12, 2020

My Comments/Quotes.


*"My hair is about 24 inches long, will I catch up to Willie Nelson if he dies, God 


*"Mornings are made for breakfast, nights are made for sleeping after eating 

junk food all day long."

*"No matter what people think of you, you are the one that knows yourself best." 

*"How did Donald Trump create Donald Trump?"

*"Don't let your past interrupt your future."

*"Money is only important if you only need food, water, clothes and shelter, 

what are your needs and wants."

*"To not keep promises to someone is a sin, at least to my way of thinking it is."

*"It is not right that someone can totally control someone else's life, don't let 

anyone take you down."

*"The morning after could be a hangover or the guiltiness of an illicit love affair 

or both."

*"One of God's most awesome creations is the brilliance of a morning filled with 

sunshine on a summer day."

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