Saturday, June 6, 2020

SEP 21, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Plastic is killing our sea life, what can we do?"

 *"A true friend is one who stands by you not matter what the circumstances."

 *"How do we stop reliving the bad moments of our past?""

*"I use a sunscreen called CeraVe 50 (contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), 

recommended by my dermatologist.

*"A person's appearance does not matter to me as long as they're kind to myself 

and others.

*"Just because you live in a mansion on a hill doesn't mean you're any better 

than a family who  live in a shack."

*"Time waits for no one, don't let the time get ahead of you."

*"Intense grieving for a loved one should not last long, keep a place in your heart 

for your lost loved one and move on with your life."

*"Loving yourself is necessary before loving someone else."

*"A blessing from Heaven may be in the form of an angel, your own personal 


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