Monday, August 31, 2020

AUG 31, My Comments/Quotes.


*"Asphalt is used to pave roadways. ASPHALT stands for it's your AS* that is at 

PHALT, not mine."

*"To make someone feel unworthy only degrades yourself."

*"Count the recent times you've been kind to others, each of these times a 

blessing comes your way from Heaven."

*"To those that are free live in the home of the brave."

*"At some point in time we will have solar powered vehicles or do we have them 


*"The telephone party lines of long ago spread gossip, the cell phones of today 

spread gossip. Gossiping is a sin, isn't it?"

*"Do not let anyone trespass on your property, always stand your ground."

*"A problem is not a problem but a challenge we need to resolve."

*"The roadway to Heaven is paved with gold, the roadway to hell runs with lava."

*"Time will reveal your advancing age if you let it, with exercise and proper 

nutrition you can slow your age that's seen by others."

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