Monday, September 28, 2020

My Comments/Quotes.


*"One of my favorite TV comedians from the past."

 *"A bright and beautiful morning is one sign that all is well in 


*"Everyone you encounter in your life may be related to you in 

some way if only by a few chromosomes."

*"Little girls and little boys are different, but how are they 


*"I can remember my mother loving those small brown churches of 

her childhood.""

*"Some kids are involved in politics at such a young age."

*"We all grow old, but it is your choice whether to grow old 

gracefully or not."

*"Don't let the maze of life lead you to have Parkinson's Disease, 

keep busy and stay focused."

*"Caregivers are much like angels here on earth."

*"The definition of an auction is the public sale of property to the 

highest bidder."

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