Friday, December 25, 2020

Dec 25, 2020 Merry Christmas - Comments/Quotes.


*"My father's family was a family of carpenters, my mother's family was a family of farmers"

*"Children who are addicted to processed meats may become future diabetics."

*"FORD does not stand for Fix Or Repair Daily, FORD stands for Forever and Onward please 

Relieve me of my Debts." 

*"A potential dangerous situation is like the calm before the storm."

*"Imagine a world without sunshine."

*"Why must we have to deal with the actions of evil?"

*"A nut to a bolt is like children to their toys."

*"Holidays are made for those that enjoy holidays."

*"Black tape is electrical tape and painter's tape is blue and and Columbus sailed the ocean blue 

in 1492."

*"I grew up in the south, knowing when introduced to someone, I say "the pleasure is mine.""

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