Monday, December 28, 2020

DEC 28, 2020 - My Tweets of Today.

 *If Joe Biden becomes president, it will not be back to the future, 

but back to the past, kissing up to our enemies, American companies 

moving to foreign lands, no tax cut for American citizens, full 

benefits for illegals, destroying all victories that Trump 


*If you live in a city, suburbed or the country where the crime level 

is high, move you and your family to a safer place where they don't 

want to defund the law. I don't understand what's keeping you from 


*Joe Biden did not win the election, Hollywood did, those 

extremely liberal actresses/actors with millions of money 

contributed to all 50 states to assure that their man won by an 

extremely narrow vote margin. 

*I'm right-handed and for years, I wiped my butt after pooping with 

my right hand. A few years ago, I discovered, that I could wipe my 

butt much better with my left hand. Goes to show you that 

trying different ways of doing things is important for all of us. 

*I've been alone nearly all my life, even with family or a crowd of 

people, I guess I could say my only friends are strangers, if they 

don't prefer to talk we can leave, if they're friendly like me, we

can talk awhile and then go our separate ways. Am I alone by 

choice? Perhaps. 

*Our world will change forever because of the Coronavirus 

Pandemic. Will we be forced to wear masks and remain 6 feet apart 

the rest of our lives? No matter what, we will persist, going on with 

our lives with positive attitudes, love, hope, faith and charity. 

*Some people think they're perfect in everyway. I figure the only 

ones perfect are God and Jesus Christ. I don't believe anyone would 

argue about that.

*My favorite law firm is the Spitz Law Firm with many locations 

in Northeast Ohio. I deal with the one in Beachwood, Ohio. I don't 

deal with lawyer's that chase rescue squads or ambulances.

*Being 78 years old, I remember when women wore panty hose 

and dresses, not the tight butt pants of today.

*The one difference between President Trump and potential 

president Joe Biden is the socialism of the latter. 

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